Zarakish honey


Proudly presents the finest types of Yemeni honey

Yemen has been famous throughout history as the origin of the finest types of honey in the world, which is equal to its fame in producing the best coffee.

The diverse terrain of high mountains and deep valleys in a unique geographical location has led to the richness of its mountainous heights with unique Sidr trees, from which bees sip the nectar, which they turn into the best types of honey in the world, with little sugars, to a zero sugar honey in its rare and proud types.

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We thrive in providing fine honey that enrich the taste&soul, and present it inside a luxurious box for you.

Zarakish honey package

Our Luxurious Package

Zarakish Honey

  • Beautiful bottle mold inspired by the heritage of the land that produces it
  • Luxurious box decorated with vintage Yemeni designs
  • Zarakish Booklet with valuable information about the honey


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