Finest Yemeni Honey (1.5 kg)

The honey, acquired by kings and elites throughout history for its exceptional quality and unparalleled health benefits.

808,00 $ /1000ml


100% Natural Honey


Shaafy Yemeni Honey


1000 mL


1500 g

Box size

Length: 27.2 cm
Width: 16.3 cm
Height: 11 cm

Honey specs

Shaafy Honey

ZARAKISH proudly presents the finest types of Yemeni honey, coming from the caves of the high mountains, made by the strongest mountain bees, which travel hundreds of kilometers to collect their nectar from the unique Sidr trees, and produce honey characterized by wonderful ingredients that are rarely found.  Rather, the sources of Zarakish go beyond this, so that we select only a cut-out part from the heart of the hive’s discs, where only the strongest bees put honey in their first ever honey production.


Due to our awareness in ZARAKISH of the quality of what we offer and its unique and high nutritional value, we chose to present it in a beautiful mold inspired by the heritage of the land that produces it.

Honey specs


Indulge yourself and your family by using it to boost your immunity and health, enjoy its unique taste, and present it as a gift to those who mean a lot to you, and notice in their eyes the sparkle of admiration for what you present.

Zarakish note

Because of our absolute confidence in our chosen honey, we are gladly ready to take back what you have bought from us in case you do not like it even after using it.

Open the box to enjoy the world’s finest, tastiest and most beneficial honey.